Leasing a unit

  • I need to get in quickly. How fast can you move?

    Standard Lease: Our Standard Lease typically takes 2-10 weeks to put in place as it requires lawyers to negotiate and document it. However, we will move as fast as possible to get you in, and with your co-operation can almost always meet our customers’ deadlines.

    Smart Lease: Our Smart Lease is the quickest way to get into one of our properties. We can turn your initial enquiry into a lease and keys in your hand in 48 hours. Check out industrials.co.uk and our online leasing portal for more information, or call us on 0800 122 3330.

  • How do I arrange a viewing?

    Standard Lease & Smart Lease: If you would like to view one of our properties either email us at help@industrials.co.uk, call us on 0800 1 22 3330 or fill out the contact form on industrials.co.uk. We’ll endeavour to get you round as soon as possible and at a time which works for you.

  • Who do I need to speak to about taking a lease?

    Standard Lease & Smart Lease: If you are interested in leasing a unit from us please call 0800 1 22 3330 or visit industrials.co.uk for more information. We’d love to hear from you, and are very happy to answer any questions you may have about available units or the leasing process. We are here to help.

  • What are my lease options?

    Standard Lease: Our Standard Lease is totally bespoke, and working together we can construct a lease term that works for your business. Our Standard Lease is relatively short at 29 pages, and is typically negotiated via lawyers. The process usually takes 2-10 weeks to conclude from agreeing terms. Leases are drafted on an ‘Internal Repairing and Insuring Basis’, which means that you will be responsible for all internal repairs and maintenance and will be liable for dilapidations at the end of your lease. Lease terms are a minimum of 3 years.

    Smart Lease: Our Smart Lease is the easiest way to rent a property from us. It is 3 pages long, written in plain English (rather than Legalese!), and comes with a handy summary sheet with the key terms and conditions on it. Best of all, you can complete the lease online, without the need for legal or surveyors fees. Our Smart Lease is perfect for businesses seeking ultimate flexibility, as we only offer it on minimum commitments of 6 weeks to 3 years and it is inclusive of insurance, repairs, maintenance and dilapidations. Easy in, easy out.