Utilities charges

  • How are utilities procured by Industrials?

    We tender all of our mains supply gas and electricity contracts in the open market every 12 months and seek to obtain the most competitively priced rate for our customers. 

  • Is the energy you supply us from a green/renewable source?

    Yes we procure both our mains supply electricity and gas via REGO backed green energy contracts. 

  • Do I need to supply a meter read?

    No we do that for you. For our non digital meters, we have meter readers that visit the estate once a month.  Our meter readers target the last week and first week of the month to take reads.  We will send out communication of the exact date a week before to relevant customers.  Please let us know if you are not going to be around at the time, providing a clear photo of your meter (serial number plus read) so that we can bill you accurately. 


  • How is my bill calculated?

    Your bill is calculated based on your utility usage for the month together with the tariff we have procured for you.  It is split into two parts: 

    1. Consumption based cost – this comprises the wholesale price of gas and electricity from the supplier, their standing charge and any capacity charge they may levy.  Industrials also incorporate an administration fee equivalent to 2p/kWh for electricity and 0.6p/kWh for gas. 
    1. Meter read and processing fee – this fee covers the cost of reading your meter, auditing the reading and checking them against usage to ensure accurate and fair billing.  The fee is £15 per meter per month.   
  • Why do you charge an administration fee?

    We charge an administration fee to cover the costs associated with managing the supply of utilities to your unit, which includes ensuring invoices are correctly raised and monies collected. 

  • You seem to do something different at my property, why?

    As we acquire new estates, we sometimes inherent different billing and administrative set ups.  Over time we look to move these onto our standard model. 

  • Are you looking to install solar panels on my estate?

    Yes, we are currently looking at the best way to roll out solar panels across our estates.  If you are interested in receiving renewable energy from solar panels on your roof please let your Customer Engagement Manager know.