To ensure you find the best space for you at the right price, a healthy shortlist will help you compare different properties.


View Some Properties

Try not to limit yourself to viewing only one property. It is important to see different properties to give you some perspective on what is available. It is also an opportunity to get a feel for the kind of agent and landlord you could be dealing with. We also advise you to take some photographs when you visit sites to help remember what utilities are available and for future space planning. Find your space through our online platform.


Get Some Proposals

Ask for a proposal you can consider as there is often a difference between the quoting rent and the rent at which a deal can be struck. You want to make sure the proposal covers all the key cost areas.

Read Between The Lines 

A key factor in leasing your new space is to ensure you have a good relationship with your landlord. How they behave leading up to the letting is often a good indication of how your future relationship will be with them. Ask yourself how responsive have they been, is the building well looked after, do they speak to you directly or are you dealing with a third party. We recommend you speak to other tenants at the property to get a feel for their experience with the landlord and the site. All Industrials smart leases are written in plain english taking the uncertainty out of the lease process.


Ask The Right Questions

There are several lease variables which you will need to agree as part of a letting. You can find all the key ones to consider in our Guide to Leasing but here are some of them:

How long is the lease?

Am I liable for external repairs and maintenance?

When can I move in?

Who pays for utilities and waste disposal?

What does the service/maintenance charge include?



Think about seeking additional certainty on unknown costs, such as dilapidations, or negotiate additional flexibility, such as lease breaks or options to renew at the lease end. Depending on how good the initial deal you have struck is, you may be able to improve terms in other areas. Industrials offers transparent all inclusive rates through our smart lease, find out more here.


Check out our Guide to Leasing that covers all your leasing questions.
Feel free to call us on 0800 1 22 3330 to speak to any member of the team and discuss your requirements further.