At Industrials we have two lease types to suit your business needs, a Traditional Lease and our exclusive Smart Lease®.

Leasing with Us

At Industrials, our leases can be tailored to suit your business needs and completed as soon as possible. We offer two types of leases, depending on your requirements:

Smart Lease®

Our exclusive Smart Lease® was created to simplify and speed up your leasing journey. Just one simple contact written in plain english with no hidden fees.

Suitable for: New businesses, start ups, small business, companies seeking small to medium sized units (under 5,000 square feet). Our dedicated engagement managers have experience working with all unit sizes.

Key benefits of a Smart Lease®:
  • Clear and simple T&C’s written in plain English
  • Can be completed online
  • Lease from 3 years to 5 years
  • No legal fees required
  • All inclusive costs (external maintenance, insurance and rent)
  • Initial enquiry to keys in hand from 1 week

View the Smart Lease

Traditional lease

These tend to take longer due to the third party advisors involved including lawyers and surveyors. We’ll tailor your contract to your needs and move quickly to meet help achieve your goals.

Suitable for: companies seeking larger units (in excess of 5,000 square feet), longer lease terms, or who have bespoke requirements that require careful drafting.

Traditional leases typically:
  • Covers more complex situation and legal processes e.g. market rent reviews
  • Lease from 5 years to 25 years
  • Has additional legal fees
  • Does not include third party fees (building surveyors and advisors)
  • May take longer to complete due to their complexity and people involved

Smart Lease® benefits

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Fast and simple

Our Smart Lease® is designed to simplify and speed up the process, getting you from initial enquiry to having the keys in your hand from 1 week.

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Flexible terms

We understand your business needs are likely to change, so we offer flexible terms from 1 year to 5 years.

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No hidden costs

Our Smart Lease® offers a single fixed payment which covers rent, all maintenance and insurance.

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One simple contract

Our simple 3 page lease written in plain english and can be signed digitally, helping you to move in as soon as possible.

Industrials Smart Lease® vs Traditional Lease

Industrials Smart Lease® Traditional Lease

Contract flexibility

What is the minimum lease commitment?

1 year

3 years

Can I leave whenever I want?

You can only leave at lease end or at your break option date

You can only leave at lease end or at your break option date

Can I pay my rent monthly?

Can I change my lease terms during the lease?

Yes, you can move to a bigger unit if one is available at any time during your lease (subject to mutual agreement of terms)

By mutual agreement only

Will my rent go up?

Yes, but all future rent uplifts are fixed and known at the time you sign the lease

This lease can be fixed or subject to open market rent reviews which are unknown at the point of signing the lease

Am I responsible for external maintenance?

No, all external maintenance costs are fixed for the term of your lease

This is subject to agreement

What happens at the end of my lease?

You are responsible for returning the unit in a clean and tidy condition on the inside only

This is subject to agreement, but typically you will be required to return the property in a good state of repair and condition


Do I need a lawyer?

No, this lease is jargon free and written in plain English

Yes, we recommend you get a lawyer to review the terms of the lease

How quickly can I get in?

You could have the keys from 1 week from initial enquiry

Once the lawyers have agreed the documents

Industrials have been great, we’ve had no issues and they have been quick to respond to any queries regarding the estate. The buildings are really well maintained and everything has been fine.

Terry Hughes, Solen

Industrials One Simple Contract

We move fast

Whether you choose a Traditional Lease or a Smart Lease®, we aim to have your agreement completed as soon as possile. We’ll help to simplify your leasing journey so you can focus on your business.

Our dedicated customer team are available by phone, email and chat throughout your journey with us.

0800 122 3330

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Leasing Options Estates

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All our spaces are fully refurbished and ready to move into immediately. We’ll simplify your leasing journey by tailoring an agreement that works for your business needs.