Leasing with us

We take a revolutionary approach to leasing space.

We understand that your business comes first and your lease comes second.  That’s why we’ve developed two types of lease, so you can choose the one which works for you.  Our Smart Lease allows maximum flexibility and minimum hassle, taking all the worry and risk out of renting a unit in return for one monthly payment.  However, this isn’t for everyone, so we also offer a fully customisable ‘traditional lease’ which can adapt to any eventuality.

Better still, we know that your business needs room to grow, and so we promise to upsize your business at any time if you need more space and we have something suitable available.

Leasing with us

Customer Service

We are focused on providing the best service possible to our customers. Need to speak to us? Call us direct on 0800 1 22 3330, we are here to help.

Flexible terms

Need short term space, quickly? Try our Smart Lease with terms from 6 weeks and access in 48 hours. Want a longer lease, with break options that coincide with your customer contracts? Our traditional lease can be tailored to suit.

No hidden extras

All our leases are inclusive of exterior maintenance and repairs, and our Smart Lease also includes dilapidations, so no big bills when you move out. Simple and predictable.

Traditional Leases

Every business is different, and for some our Traditional Lease will be the most suitable and is fully customisable to your needs.

Typically for companies seeking larger units (in excess of 5,000 square feet), longer lease terms, or who have bespoke requirements that require careful drafting, we can create a contract that works for you.

We offer lease terms of 3 years to 25 years and can also accommodate break options and more complex fit-out or occupational requirements such as revised planning consents.

While the process of negotiating lease terms and agreeing documentation via legal advisors can be a lengthy one, we endeavour to make the process as efficient and simple as possible to keep costs and delays to a minimum. We have a standard suite of documentation that can be provided upon request.

Leasing with us
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Introducing our Smart Lease

Fast. Flexible. Friendly. Fair.

We’ve taken a revolutionary approach to business space leasing and customer service with our Smart Lease.

With our Smart Lease you can choose a minimum lease term from 6 weeks to 6 years. At the end of that time, you can leave whenever you want but if you’d like to stay then you can lock in for a longer period at a lower rent.

Our Smart Lease also comes in a short, plain English form, which will save you time and money on legal fees, and is inclusive of service charge and dilapidations to give you full transparency and certainty of costs for as long as you choose to stay.

You can have keys in your hand in a matter of days and when you’re done, just walk away. Simple.

The benefits of Smart Lease


Our Smart Lease can get you from initial enquiry to keys in your hand in 48 hours. You can complete everything online, including setting up your direct debit, paying your deposit and signing your lease.


We understand that your business is unlikely to stand still, so we offer terms which work for you from 6 weeks to 10 years. You can also choose a single fixed payment option which covers rent, all maintenance, insurance and dilapidations.


We don’t like paying legal fees any more than you do, so we came up with a better way. Our plain English lease tells you everything you need to know, in straight forward easy to understand language. It’s clear, fair and everyone knows where they stand.


Our Smart Lease is inclusive of service charge, external repairs and maintenance and dilapidations. This means that all you need to worry about is the bit you use. And better still, at the end of the lease there are no bills and you can walk away without having to redecorate.

No hidden surprises

Key Facts about Smart vs. Traditional Leases
Industrials Smart Lease Traditional Lease
Do I have to pay a separate contribution to maintenance? No, the price is all inclusive Yes
What is the minimum lease term? 6 weeks 3 years
Can I leave whenever I want? Yes, after the minimum term has passed No, only at lease end or at your break option date.
Can I pay my rent monthly? Yes No
Can I change my lease terms during the lease? Yes No
Do I need to refurbish the unit at the end of my lease (aka dilapidations)? No Yes
Do I need to pay for buildings insurance separately? No, the price is all inclusive Yes
Will my rent go up? All rent increases are fixed in line with inflation Your lease may be subject to open market rent review
Do I need a lawyer? No, plain English lease Yes, we recommend you get a lawyer to review the terms of the lease
How quickly can I get in? Guaranteed, within 48 hours Once the lawyers have agreed the documents

We move fast…

Every second counts. Regardless of whether you take a Traditional Lease or a Smart Lease, we will endeavour to get documentation turned around as soon as possible. Got a problem? Call us direct on 0800 1 22 3330 and speak to us direct. Simple. Fast.

Leasing with us