Our Story

Back in January 2015, we acquired our first industrial estate in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. We now have more than 103 estates (and counting) across the UK from Dover to Aberdeen and everywhere in-between. We are passionate about changing the Industrial property sector for our customers. This long underserved industry has been neglected and we are changing that, so our customers – entrepreneurs at the heart – can realise their potential. You manage the business and we will take care of everything property.

No Surprises. No Constraints. No Problem.

Our Story

Why are we different?

We passionately believe that by working together we can make the traditional landlord / tenant relationship better.

The first step in this process was to appreciate that we (as a landlord) are providing a service to our customers, and not the other way around. That means offering a product which our customers really want, one that works for them, not just the landlord. It means not trying to tie them up into knots with long, inflexible leases and wordy legal documentation.

We built the Industrials website as user friendly platform to find your perfect unit directly from Industrials, your landlord.

We created the easy and direct Smart Lease written in Plain English so that it is accessible to anyone, for any type of business.

It means letting everyone get on with what they are good at, our customers run their business and we look after the buildings.

Customer Service
We all know that things don’t go perfectly 100% of the time, however we feel that it is all about how you handle the situation when things do go wrong. We are quick, fair and professional.

Our team

Our Team is based all over the UK, so we can be close to our properties and our customers.

Our team is made up of varying positions from Customer Engagement Managers to Lawyers. We also have qualified chartered surveyors and accountants. That might not sound very exciting (it isn’t!), but it does bring a level of professionalism and regulatory control designed to enhance our customer experience.