Our story

Building a multi-let industrial business from scratch.

Back to January 2015 we acquired our first multi-let industrial (MLI) estate in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. Since then we’ve bought another 30 MLI estates (and counting) across the UK from Dover to Aberdeen and everywhere in-between. Our mission is to become the leading MLI business in the UK, and along the way we plan to revolutionise the MLI space to provide a better service for our customers. We aim to do this by being fast, flexible, friendly and fair in everything we do.

industrial-units-dana-trading-estate-paddock-wood-kent-tn12-6ut-exterior front view

Moving on from the traditional landlord / tenant relationship

We passionately believe that by working together we can make the traditional landlord / tenant relationship better for everyone. The first step in this process was to appreciate that we (as a landlord) are providing a service to our customers, and not the other way around. That means offering a product which our customers really want, one that works for them, not just the landlord. It means not trying to tie them up into knots with long, inflexible leases and wordy legal documentation. It means letting everyone get on with what they are good at – our customers run their businesses, and we look after the buildings. If we all do those things well, then we should all get along famously. We also know that our customers don’t expect us to be perfect, but we understand that when things do go wrong they expect us to deal with it quickly, fairly and professionally. Over the coming years we have big plans to improve our offer to customers, focused on enhancing the service we provide and removing friction from the traditional landlord/tenant relationship.

Our team

Our Team is based all over the UK, so we can be close to our properties and our customers.

Most of our team are qualified chartered surveyors or accountants. That might not sound very exciting (it isn’t!), but it does bring a level of professionalism and regulatory control designed to enhance our customer experience.