Find Industrial Units for Rent

Industrial units are our bread and butter – here you can find out everything you need to know about renting an industrial unit with us. We have a range of sizes and types available, including light industrial units. With our search tool, you can find industrial units for rent near you – or if you want to browse our range of estates in the UK, you can visit our estates page.

Why choose Industrials for renting an industrial unit?

We’ll help you find an industrial unit that suits your business needs. Our units are flexible and can be used to cover a wide range of purposes, including:

Our Smart Lease streamlines the legal aspect of securing a commercial property for rent, offering a simple and fast process with straightforward terms.

Some benefits of our Smart Lease include:

  • clear and simple T&C’s
  • it can be completed online
  • lease duration ranges from 1 year to 5 years
  • no legal fees required
  • all inclusive costs (maintenance charge, insurance and dilapidation cover)
  • lease a unit in 1 week

We also offer traditional leases – compare the two by clicking on the link below.

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FAQs about renting industrial property

What is industrial property?

Industrial property is any building used by businesses for processes such as manufacturing, processing, storing or shipping products. Businesses will need to buy or rent an industrial building or unit for these, as they often require dedicated spaces to carry out this work – they can’t just store heavy machines and tools in their offices or homes.

If you plan on buying or renting an industrial property, you’ll need to make sure it falls into the correct commercial property class.

If you need more help, you can also read our handy guide to renting an industrial unit for more information or contact us at  0800 122 3330 or email us at Our experts are ready to help you the right location and unit whether its for industrial works, commercial use, storage, manufacturing, or warehouse purposes.

What is a light industrial unit?

Light industrial units can suit a wide variety of uses, but are designed for working spaces that rely on machinery and technology, such as unit production or manufacturing. But they can easily be used for other business needs, such as retail or hospitality as they typically provide wide functionality (such as high voltage power service) and accessibility options. This is why light industrial spaces are growing in popularity.

Our spaces are flexible to accommodate your business needs – start browsing our available units using our search tool.


Can you retail from an industrial unit?

Given the flexible nature of units, you can certainly use them as retail spaces. Often the costs of renting an industrial unit are less than a traditional shop, it presents a good alternative to sell goods.